UKS10 38-400 Large head coffee syrup dispenser with pump for Torani 750ml bottle

siruppumpe,food grade plastic ketchup and mustard pump dispenser,can match the 38mm closure size tomato sauce bottle.Normally you can find it at KFC,McDonalds,Burger King,Sam clubs,IKEA and other famous brand store.

food grade PP
5ml 8ml 10ml
Closure Size:
5cc 8cc 10cc
white or custom color

UKS10 series pump dispenser has many closure sizes and capacities.

It has large pump head,can match the 38mm closure size sauce bottle.

As for dispenser pump,we all choose the food grade plastic of raw material to produce.

For this kinds,suitable for coffee syrup,ketchup,tomato sauce,milkshake syrup,condiment,snow cone syrup and more.

Normally you can find it at Starbucks,COSTA,KFC,McDonald's,Burger King,Sam clubs,IKEA and other famous brand store.

UKS10 38-400 5ml 8ml 10ml Coffee Syrup Pump Dispenser syrup pump bottle dispenser

Syrup pump Details

Use this Choice 5ml 8ml or 10ml . flavoring syrup pump for 700 mL, 750 mL, and 1 liter plastic bottles to dispense consistent portions of your most popular syrups. Because each stroke dispenses 5ml 8ml or 10ml . of product, it provides portion control, reducing costly overserving to keep more money in your pocket. It also ensures that customers receive the same order every time they request it. From mixed drinks and frappes to a cup of fancy coffee, menu options will be just what your repeat customers remember from their last visit! This pump will dispense a consistent amount of flavoring syrup into each beverage cup, allowing you to control portions and cut costs.

The pump is made of sturdy plastic with a long spout for easy and mess-free service. This keeps your prep area neat and free from drips while helping to expedite meal assembly to reduce customer wait time. The pump has a 28mm threaded, tamper-proof adapter lid. The adapter lid allows it to fit on a variety of threaded bottles and containers with a standard 28mm-38mm opening. Plus, the pump fits securely around your bottles to eliminate leaks and messes. It is compatible with Capora bar drink mixes and beverage flavoring syrups and sauces. It even works with all flavoring syrups in 700 mL, 750 mL, or 1 liter plastic bottles. If needed, the 7" long dip tube can be trimmed to accommodate the depth of the container.

Features :

Use to dispense a variety of syrups

Dispenses up 5ml  to 10ml. with each stroke; works with 700 mL, 750mL, and 1 liter plastic bottles
Helps keep the prep area neat and drip-free
Made of durable plastic with a reusable design
Great for coffee shops and cafes

Detailed data
Material Dosage Closure size

UKS10 large head 


food grade PP+PE
5ml 38-400
8ml 38-400
10ml 38-400

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